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My name is Tito.

 I’m a Boriqua, born and raised in the Bronx.

18 years ago, I chose to move to Rio de Janeiro to study art and work on my comics.

Today my work can be seen on walls across the city or in bookstores across the country.


My passion is painting comics in public spaces, something I began doing over 10 years ago.

  I believe this work promotes literacy and is my way of sharing my love of comics with the public.

The bulk of the work I fund myself but grants and commissions have allowed me to realize my larger projects.



I studied under Orlando Mollica at EAV Parque Lage. I enjoy using acrylics, spray paint and markers when painting.



I enjoy telling stories, creating worlds and the characters to inhabit them. Comics are my way of bringing them to life.



Because the life of a “graffiti cartoonist” can wreak havoc on your health, I currently train basketball at JF Celtics.


I’ve self-published several mini-comics and graphic novels over the years.

The most popular being the Ze Ninguem graphic novel, a collection of the comics murals I’ve created in Rio de Janeiro.

It tells the the story of Ze, a gifted scientist who wanders the streets of Rio with a slight case of amnesia.


The place where I create, teach and sell my art.
I offer workshops on art, comics, graffiti and english (cause I’m a gringo 😉 ).


Over the years, my work has been covered by several media outlets like the New York Times, O Globo and Hyperallergic.


Hi! I’m looking for partners and sponsors for some of my more ambitious projects.

You can also commission me for a murals, paintings, illustrations and workshops.

Comments, likes and follows are pretty awesome too!

Luiz Perry, 61 – Loja 4
Juiz de Fora/MG

00 + 55 (32) 98401-5022

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